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Appunti e raccomandazioni sulle cure dentarie in paziente in terapia anticoagulante (TAO)

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Studio dentistico dott. Montironi Rimini

Studio Dott. Montironi has carefully selected a range of options for patients who wish to take care of their Oral &Dental health and enhance their physical and psychological well being. We offer dental treatment with a week end in one of the most distinctive regions of Italy, Emilia Romagna, where you can taste fresh local food, relax on some of the finest sands in Europe, visit ancient fortresses and enjoy stunning views from the hills and mountains of the interior.

The ALL SMILES Week End Programme includes:

  • Check up – Dental Hygiene - Bleaching
  • Stay at a hotel with beauty spa and beach facilities. Guided tours of Rimini, excursions to the hills and fortresses of Romagna, trekking and walking are available.
  • Anti-aging treatments based on Biostimulants and Biorevitalizers and no-permanent Filler with Hyaluronic Acid.

Pet owners are very welcome. Hotels offer special facilities: in the summer time your dog is welcome by dedicated beaches area. Dog Agility training is also available.

For further details please send an email info@montironi.it or phone 0039 0541 774720

Studio Odontoiatrico Dott. Stefano Montironi

Via Dario Campana 6/e, 47922 Rimini (RN)

Tel. 0541/774720; cell. 334/2572797
CF. MNT SFN 68L26 H294H, P.iva. 02493330407
Iscrizione Ordine Medici Provincia di Rimini n°191 
Iscritto Albo CTU Tribunale di Rimini

info@montironi.it  - stefano.montironi@pec.andi.it -Privacy - Conformità e  Disclaimer

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